Transitioning During COVID

Thank you so much to all of the amazing women who spoke at this webinar, providing their honest perspective and advice to young women transitioning into a new career path during this pandemic.

If you happened to miss the conversation, no worries. Below you will find a recording of the panel discussion. In addition, you will also find a resource guide, with hyperlinks to resources & tools, related to the topics discussed.

Remember: Continue to share your stories, empower other women, and stay resilient!

Click Link below for Resource Guide

Transitioning During COVID- Resource Guide

“Todo Llegara a Su Tiempo” Vol. 2 (poetry series)

This summer I took the initiative of seeking and visiting a new therapist. Not only has this experience helped me navigate through the trauma I’ve had the difficulty of letting go, but it’s also forced me to understand my perspective on relationships, sexuality, feminity, and race.  As I’ve taken some time to just live life, I also revisited old drafts of poems and recreated these pieces.

The past, present, and future are constantly in dialogue. They meet when I take the time to reflect. They force me to extract inspiration from my surroundings and appreciate life for what it is and less for what it “should” be.

I encourage you to do the same. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, unravel yourself and enjoy your process of reconstruction. Thank you to my beautiful friends Amy, Lydia, Natalie, and Vanessa and all the beautiful women who have inspired me throughout this process. This one is for you. Continue reading “Todo Llegara a Su Tiempo” Vol. 2 (poetry series)

To My Superwoman, Happy Birthday

LaMorenitajuanita (3)

I come from a league of brave women. The women in my life have taught me the value of compassion and faith while teaching me the importance of using my voice and defending my self-worth.

Today is a very special day as my alliance and I honor the birth of one of our leaders, my grandmother Rita Estrada. On behalf of all the superwomen in this family, I would like to wish you a very happy birthday.

I would like to thank you for blessing me with your endless wisdom that has guided me through some of the toughest times of my life. And I would like to thank you for being a beacon of strength, demonstrating through your gracious resilience that even when life seems unbearable, faith will help you withstand it all.

I love you dearly and I hope this year you are blessed with prosperity in love, health, and wealth.




I appreciate your support and interest in Lamorenitajuanita. When I started this blog, I never imaged it becoming into what it is today. But am I grateful that so many of you continue to read, share, and discuss the content I post. I would like to clarify that despite how much I love to write and share information, the thoughts I share on Lamorenitajuanita are bias to my own experiences. Yet, I do encourage my readers to find their own truths in what they read from my content.

It is very important to me that I make it a point to remind everyone to stay attentive to what we engage with online.

I highly encourage my readers to continue to engage with me and provide your perspectives on my content, because it’s that type of dialogue that will not only educate us to be more understanding and open-minded to different points of views. But it also enables our abilities to be more compassionate with one another.

Thank you for your time.

-Juana Tatiana Estrada

Expressing Confidence Through Your Style: Amayrani Nuñez

As she adjust the fitting of her aqua colored slip dress, she poses for a picture staring fiercely into her bathroom’s vanity mirror. She turns to me and giggles bashfully. “It’s a photoshoot right?” she says mockingly.

Continue reading Expressing Confidence Through Your Style: Amayrani Nuñez