I appreciate your support and interest in Lamorenitajuanita. When I started this blog, I never imaged it becoming into what it is today. But am I grateful that so many of you continue to read, share, and discuss the content I post. I would like to clarify that despite how much I love to write and share information, the thoughts I share on Lamorenitajuanita are bias to my own experiences. Yet, I do encourage my readers to find their own truths in what they read from my content.

It is very important to me that I make it a point to remind everyone to stay attentive to what we engage with online.

I highly encourage my readers to continue to engage with me and provide your perspectives on my content, because it’s that type of dialogue that will not only educate us to be more understanding and open-minded to different points of views. But it also enables our abilities to be more compassionate with one another.

Thank you for your time.

-Juana Tatiana Estrada