Special Edition *Birthday Playlist*


Hi everyone,

Today’s tunes are curated specifically to a special woman in my life. I feel so blessed to still have my grandmother alive and present in my life, especially since she’s been such a positive influence. And one major influence my grandmother has had in my life is her taste in music.

Thus, in honor of my grandmother’s birthday, this playlist is dedicated to the musical taste I have inherited from her.

These are the “Oldies but Goodies,” as she likes to call them.

These songs are near and dear to me because they bring back memories to my early childhood. The years when my grandmother spent raising me, steering me out of trouble and provided a space that allowed my most creative self to thrive.

Although those were more simple times for both of us, music remains a key element in our everyday lives. Whether it be at a family party or sitting next to her bedside, with these songs we are able to bond, recollect and reflect on the life we’ve both had.

And although life hasn’t been the easiest for her in the past year, her resilience and persistence to remain the same loving and uplifting woman she’s always been is what makes her, and these songs, that much more valuable to me.

Hope you all enjoy this playlist!

xoxo – Juana


P.S Wishing you a Happy Birthday Mama Rita





~* Playlist Tuesday *~

Hello Everyone!

I am so glad to be back and sharing with you new insight on bargain shopping, up and coming artist across Chicago and more!

Something new that I will be adding onto the blog is a fun playlist of my favorite songs and new artist.

I curated this playlist as an easy listen whether you are on your commute, studying, cleaning your place or in your office.

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Hope you enjoy!