Transitioning During COVID

Thank you so much to all of the amazing women who spoke at this webinar, providing their honest perspective and advice to young women transitioning into a new career path during this pandemic.

If you happened to miss the conversation, no worries. Below you will find a recording of the panel discussion. In addition, you will also find a resource guide, with hyperlinks to resources & tools, related to the topics discussed.

Remember: Continue to share your stories, empower other women, and stay resilient!

Click Link below for Resource Guide

Transitioning During COVID- Resource Guide

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Vivo la vida con esfuerzo y pasion. I live my life with dedication and passion. I strive to never settle for anything less than greatness. My true passion lies within writing. With writing, I have found a place where I can express my thoughts in a manner that is passive yet impacting. That is why I created this blog. I wanted to create a medium where I was able to use my abilities as a writer to highlight the prosperity that lies within my people, my communities, and other young women. And because of this, I’ve come to realize that we all carry the power to use our voices to create positive changes in the world we live in.

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