“Todo Llegara a Su Tiempo” Vol. 4 (Poetry Series)


I use to live on a street

where boys became men before they knew how to walk on their own feet

Where I wasn’t allowed outside after 7

because the moonlight was no friend to us women

Where park festival became headline stories on channel 9

And my favorite raspado flavor was always “the blue one”

I use to live on a street

where the only dark face I saw was mine in the mirror until more of us began to move in

Where old man Jenkins stared with distaste

Where my brother and I played tag,

racing to reach one another other

While mom and dad did the same inside the house as they yelled and hollered at each other

I lived on a street

where I snuck out my door at 11,

right on time to sneak in my midnight kisses

Soon that same street became our home, where friends gathered and we played wife and husband

That same street was where we had our first fight & many more after

Like, mom and dad, we spent many nights creating disasters

I lived on a street where the homeless and churchmen both stood on the same corner

Blue lights flashed from midnight to 3 am

And on occasion, I’d stay up and watch the livelihood of the street.

I’ve lived on many streets with many faces

Stories and troubles and the occasional car races.

But no street has ever felt quite like the one now.

I’ve returned more than once

But this time it feels right.

Although my walls are grey and my shower head is broken.

The windows fill me with light and no one ever makes me feel broken.

I’ve made this my home on my own.




I’ll come to you.

As you fold your clothes.

when you hear the water drip from your kitchen sink.

or in the shower

at the noon hour.

I’ll come to you.

In bed, while in a dream.

Or in the car, in the far sunset light beam.

I’ll come to you.

When that song plays.

In mid-sentence.

On the bus or the train.

As the inevitable passing memory.

Among them,

I shall come to you.

To D:

My favorite time of the day is sunrise and sunset.

In between the morning sun and the welcoming of the evening moon.

Right when the glare from the window brushes your face, sound asleep.

Peaceful as a prayer’s grace.

I enjoy the sound of your voice

Like a child to their mother’s calling.

From sunset to sunrise

Each new day with you brings a joyous surprise

As for once in my life, I feel a peace at your sight

At the beige of your lips

From your nose to my hips

I thank god for your arrival

Like the morning rise and my restful night sleep.


How does someone cope with the loss of someone who is still alive?

I burn candles every night praying for peace upon your departure.

If there’s one thing I regret, it’s not holding you a little longer.

Our love was one for the books.

So much it seemed fictional to believe it’d last.

Loneliness has been my most consistent companion.

The Unfortunate Truth:

Since you left,

I had to let the Unfortunate Truth through the front door. No longer could it creep in from the back. Once everyone was asleep. Now it sits on the living room couch, demanding I attend to it. Pestering me, it asks why you left, reminding me of your absence.


It drinks on the weekends, most frequently on the weekdays, just as mom and dad use to do. Since you left, the Unfortunate Truth now insists and protest. From the window it screams out my insecurities, baring me of my mistakes. But like an unwanted roommate, I pay no mind to it’s banter.

Because if it’s out of my control, it serves me no benefit. Just because it’s the unfortunate truth, I don’t let it find it’s comfort.

Dear Friend:

I am not proud of most of the things in life

Despite my many wins

But having you by my side has been the greatest gift

You’ve seen me cry a couple times

You’ve seen me laugh that ugly laugh

You’ve let me ramble on and on

And called me out when I’ve gone too far

At 6 am

Or 2 am

You’ve been there, my dearest friend.

Remember that time you said I looked great in that dress? you lied, but I thank you anyway.

I wish you well, now and then.

I miss you so, my dearest friend.

I use to:

There once was a time

When I use to stand behind the speakers. Blaring music, dazed. Yearning for that next beat to thump. Watching as everyone else took their next bump.

There was a time I use to hide behind my mother’s gaze, afraid, and wetting the bed. There was a time when I looked away whenever I felt I should, not because I could.

There was a time when I loved with all my might and I lost my sight. And when I hated too and I lost my cool, said a mean word or two. I lost my faith then too.

I once was many things and will become many more. But today I awake thankful for the thumping sound of my heartbeat. And the only bumps I see, are those that grace my face, reminding me I am fertile once again. Today I am courageous. Fear no longer penetrates me or my mother’s eyes. Sweat is the wetness that sheds from my exhausted body, as I grow stronger with each stride. Today I am learning to listen, not just to others but to myself. Communication is not done just verbally, and actions speak louder than words.

I can no longer look away.

Today I love and hate less. I blow kisses and pray instead of letting my emotions get the best of me. Today I have faith again. Faith in myself and the righteousness that lives within me. I may have been a lot of things, once,

but today I am a better me.

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Vivo la vida con esfuerzo y pasion. I live my life with dedication and passion. I strive to never settle for anything less than greatness. My true passion lies within writing. With writing, I have found a place where I can express my thoughts in a manner that is passive yet impacting. That is why I created this blog. I wanted to create a medium where I was able to use my abilities as a writer to highlight the prosperity that lies within my people, my communities, and other young women. And because of this, I’ve come to realize that we all carry the power to use our voices to create positive changes in the world we live in.

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