Redirect Your Mind


I welcome you all, new and devoted readers, to what I like to call the Year of Growth.

Last year around this time I was, similarly, full of optimism and excitement for what was in store in the upcoming year. I was excited about life, inspired by the plans and goals I had set and the faith I had in myself.  I was living my best life as some will call it, connecting and creating with new people, traveling to mesmerizing destinations, and most of all, devoting myself to my health. Life seemed quite perfect but even I knew it was all good to be true.

See the truth is, we all have our own demons that we struggle to live with. And it wasn’t like I was living a façade. Frankly, I was neglecting my reality. I was too busy imaging and constructing a life that was perfect when my reality was crumbling into pieces.

At first, I blamed the world, particularly those near and dear to me. I victimized myself for the loss of opportunities and hopelessness, to the point that I drove myself into isolation and despair. And I couldn’t wrap my mind around the fact that things can be different if I just redirected my mind. I was too angry, too sad, too confused to care for anything until I almost lost it all.

This is when the process began. I had to take action and face my demons. I could no longer pretend and believe that I had everything under control. I had to ask for help, even if I knew my pride wouldn’t allow it. I had eliminated my pride and humble myself. In that same process, I had to start thinking about what mattered to me, what I wanted for myself and ultimately how I would achieve this. I took responsibility for my actions and my life. And I will tell you, this hasn’t been easy. At the end of the day, I am human and learning to take each day as a learning opportunity and to grow from it.

This is why I have decided to relaunch my blog. Like myself, a lot of the old stuff is still here, just some minor changes have been made to make LaMorenitaJuanita clearer and focused for my wonderful readers.

All in all, despite how difficult this overall process has been for me, I feel myself changing and for the better. I feel optimistic for life again and I finally have faith in myself. Only this time around, my foundation is stronger, because I am not afraid to speak on the issues that are still on face. But most of all, I am not afraid to tackle them. And like a good friend of mine once said, “it’s all about perception. The moment you realize you are in control of your reality, you are able to redirect your mind and change things for the better.”

I will like to take the time out and thank my aunt, Yessenia, and my boyfriend, Ricardo because honestly, this process wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for your support. Thank you for being there when I wasn’t at my best. Thank you for keeping me grounded, reminding me each day of my values and goals. I love you.

I hope that through my journey, stories, and articles I can help contribute positive inspiration in your Year of Growth.

Xoxo, Juana