Expressing Confidence through your Style: Elva Patricia Estrada ( My Mother)

“No todo en la vida es color de rosa, pero de eso miso tienes que encontar inspiracion de sigir adelante.”

Not everything in life is rosy, but from those experiences, you have to find the inspiration to keep going.

To some, she is known as the sweet lady who you occasionally talk to, as she cashes you out, when you’re shopping for tortillas at your neighborhood corner store. Or she’s the friend whom you’d share a nice dinner and reminiscences about your more “youthful” day and then sing your lungs out to karaoke.

She’s the women you’d like to come home to when you’ve had a stressful day at work, as she attentively listens to you vent , while she serves you a plate of your favorite meal. Or the aunt who’s always up for an adventure and loves to take selfie.

The precious thing of all is that I get to enjoy every side of her and more. She’s my mother.

Elva Patricia Salcedo Garcia Estrada is the youngest of a family of 8. She grew up in Jalisco, Mexico, where everyone knows her as Patty, the vivacious, fashionably chic girl on the block.

“De joven, cuando vivia en mexico, simpre me gustaba andar bien vestida y ir a bailar. Agarraba ideas de vestidos o trajes en las revistas de moda, y luego iba con una costurera para que me lo haciera. Me acuerdo que una vez me hice un traje parecido a la de Alejandra Guzman, y desde ahi todos me empezaron a llamerme por su nombre.”

As a young woman, when I lived in Mexico, I always enjoyed to dress well and going out dancing. I would grabbed ideas for dresses or suits in fashion magazines, and then I would go with a seamstress to have them make it for me. I remember that I once made a suit similar to that of Alejandra Gozman, and from there on people began to call me by her name.

Her since of style was always evolving, just as her perspective on life did. But she never under minded the positivity that came with dressing well. To her looking good represented you felt good. It didn’t matter if you were dressed in comfortable clothing, on your way to run errands or if you were headed to a bautizo, there was always a way to show your radiance with what you wore.

In her admiral blue blouse, radiantly she looks at me and says being a mother has changed me. She continues with stating that in the past she felt a need to live life fast and apologetically, but after becoming a mother, she’s learned to value life with patience and love.

unnamed (9)
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When asked about her experience with caring for me during my chemotherapy, she tearfully said it taught her to value the importance of caring for your health, especially mentally.

“Lo que a mi me a ensenado la vida es que tienes que sigir adelante con una prespectiva positiva. Yo simpre fui una persona amorosa. Amo a la vida. Por eso aprecio los momentos cuando vivo feliz, pero no siempre lo estoy. Pero eso no es un escusa para que me deprima. A lo contrario, si me siento bajo de autoestima, yo sola me levanto. Prendo el radio y me pongo a cantrar o bailar. O tambien le doy carinos a mis hijos, a mi esposo o a mi yogi bear (our pet dog.)”

What life has taught me is that you have to go on with life with a positive perspective. I am a loving person. I love life. That is why I appreciate the moments when I live happily, but I am not always happy. But that’s no excuse for me to get depressed. On the contrary, if I feel low self-esteem, I lift myself up. I turn on the radio and start to sing or dance. Or I also give affection to my children, my husband or my yogi bear (our pet dog.) 

As we both enjoyed the placid nature of the night in our back yard, I asked her how her perspective on confidence has changed throughout the years. She pondered on the question for a moment before she said that her idea on confidence hasn’t changed drastically, if anything it improved.

“Ser madre me a dado la opotunidad de comprender y tener compasión a la gente. Me sinto bien con saber que mis hijos tienen confianza en me para hablarme de sus poblemas, y me sinto bien en saber que con solo dales amor les mejoro su dia. Eso me da mas animo para vivir. No me dejo aferrar me por las cosas incontrolables de la vida. Me gusta ser feliz y alegre. Eso me da salude. Eso es lo que me da vida.”

Being a mother gave me the opportunity to understand and to have compassion for people. I feel good knowing that my children have confidence in me to talk about their problems, and I feel good to know that with just give them love I improve their day. That gives me more encouragement to live. I did not let myself cling to the uncontrollable things in life. I like to be happy. That’s what gives me life.

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