Life is a Healing Process 

Hello to all my fellow readers,

As usual, the wallowing hours of the dark nights have always been most therapeutic, for it’s when I am alone with my thoughts at late hours of the night that my heart and mind are able to have a conversation. Through out the day my heart and my mind battle each other, conflicted by their ties to what they love and what they understand is right and wrong.

I am not a religious women, but I do believe in a high being that lives within me to guide me to see the greater good of life, and it’s in those dark night hours, when my heart and mind converse, that I feel the presence of a high power trying to lift me into good spirit. Tonight I spent some time reflecting and came across this beautiful piece.But before I introduce this piece, I would like to let you into some of my thoughts and allow you to make your own assumptions and conclusions.

I believe that life is not meant for us to live in complete harmony but to teach us how to live through misery and survive. We are brought into this world not to live for an eternal happiness, but to learn how to get by through our endeavors in the best manner that allows us remain. Remain alive. Remain present. Remain aware.

And I speak to all women when I say that we shall live a life unapologetic and forgiving.We shall remember to forgive ourselves and others, and live a life with no remorse or resentment.We shall live to remember that every experience is meant to help us grow, even when failure comes our way.

We are brought into this world to heal a thousand times and use what we’ve learned to help heal others. To heal is to evolve and to evolve is to change. Change is good, change is brave. You are brave, we are all brave.

To all my women out there tonight, this is for your.

Stay strong everyone, I know I will too. I hope to be writing more soon. Until then write to me if you’re in need of someone to talk to, remember life is a healing process and we shall not be ashamed to lean on each other for help along the way.

Stay golden everyone.

[Intro: Reyna Biddy]

My condolences to anyone who has ever lost me

And, to anyone who got lost in me

Or, to anyone who ever felt they took a loss with me

My apologies for the misunderstanding or the lack there of

I’m sorry you missed the God in me

And I’m sorry you missed the light

I’m sorry you forgot the way I arose like the moon

Night after night with the burden to forgive

Eager to feed you—everything

See, I’m a holy woman

I know what it’s like to give life to a being without ever needing to press skin against one another

I’ve practiced how to hold my tongue long enough

I’m afraid I forgot to say goodbye

I’m afraid you’re under the impression

That I was made to please you

I was under the impression you understood me better

The truth is, I’m a superwoman

And some days I’m an angry woman

And some days I’m a crazy woman

For still waiting, for still loving harder even if I’m aching

For still trusting that I’m still worth the most

For still searching for someone to understand me better