Expressing Confidence Through Your Style: Jennifer Boardway

Confidence is feeling like nothing can stop you – like you are capable of anything.

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Romper and necklace from Forever 21, black booties heels from H&M

With her contagious dreamer demeanor, Jennifer remains hopeful for this new year and keeps her loved ones closer, with a confidence that she’ll have a good year as long as she carries her resilience.  When asked who or where she turns to for inspiration in her everyday life, she simply devotes  her motivation to the people she loves.

“There are people in my life that always maintain a positive mindset despite some circumstances of their life. Like them, I truly try to appreciate life and enjoy every aspect of it, while keeping my head up. Moving forward into 2017, I hope to look at the bright side of everything and be mindful of what I say and do.”

With her hair damp, worn-out t-shirt and a pair of Under Armour slippers, she applied the finishing touches to her face, prepping for her photo shoot. Her boyfriend gazing from across the room admires her effortless beauty, add she didn’t have much to touch upon.

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Dress from Discover Clothing, Necklace from Forever 21,  oversize cardigan Unique Thrift Store

Coincidentally, he wasn’t lying. Jenny’s confidence stems from the essence of being comfortable in her own skin, which emits through her beauty. Whether she’s out and about with her boyfriend or building gingerbread houses with her family, Jenny says she will always be seen rocking a pair of fitted jeans and a cozy top.

“I will never be able to live without a good, fitting pair of jeans. Although they are so simple and casual you can really dress them up or down in any situation.”

But her star-gazy personality  fuels her curiosity allowing her to play with her sense of styling, adding that growing up in the liveliness of neighborhoods such as Lakeview and Rodgers Park have a great influence in who spirit.

“My sense of style is inspired from many different outlets; I gain inspiration from everywhere really, whether it be bloggers or models on YouTube or Instagram, or being in Boystown. It gives me a different perspective on what fashion and style are. It helps me to try out different ways of styling a certain piece and purchasing items out of my comfort zone. ”


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