Ode to the simple man. 

Take my hand as I take you through the journey of what my eyes see

and you’ll understand of the faith that I seek.
The dirt on my face gives me the food that I eat

the clothes that I wear

and the sheets where I sleep.
I may have no title

nor riches to claim,

but just the faith that someday,

God will come save me from pain.
I am a simple man you see,

who does what he can for those who plead

for mercy of the violence they constantly see.
I keep to myself,

as my friends like to speak

a gun is their shepherd

from the streets that they flee.
I pay them no mind

as they act on their deeds,

This is how we survive, they say,

You must be quick on your feet.
In this cut throat city,

there’s no room for lost minds.

People rather catch bullet,

then go and save lives.
But I pray and I pray

god will come and save me and my brothers someday,

for we are all just saints,

with no vain in our names.