Dear Juana, 

Dear Juana,

As you transition into yet another year in life, I am humbled by the simple thought of all the amount of accomplishments you’ve reached, having known where you first began. It seems like just yesterday, you were laying in a hospital bed, counting down the days until you were finally well.

But I’m grateful of the fact that every breathing day that you get to live, you are far from the days when chemotherapy was the virtue of your existence or when you were anchored by the anxiety that closed your thoughts during your darkest hours.

Nevertheless, it truly is taken for granted the simplicity of being healthy. But I know that with all the endeavors you’ve faced, you’ve taken them as learning experiencing and a challenge for growth.

I write to you with high hopes that you remain high spirited and optimistic about every task and goal you try to reach. That you maintain the same compassion towards the ones you love and open armed to those who have ill minded you.

And I hope that as you read this, you remember how important your words are. How the stories you continue to tell bring a small change to this world and that your love for the art remains strong like the many women who have been the inspiration to the narratives you deliver.

Siempre fuiste fuerte Juana, y siempre lo serás.